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Better Renting Gear for better Outdoor Adventure Experience

Outdoor and adventure trips and activities make you feel alive and close to nature. Any outdoor trip can be made a lot of fun and exciting with various kinds of adventure gear. Adventure Gear is any kind of equipment that is used outdoor for camping or trekking activities. Adventure gear or equipment are taken on rent by people for various kind of outdoor activities like hiking, trekking, camping. Apart from fun, these various types of camping gear can be very useful too and provide protection and support during outdoor stay. These adventure equipment is provided on rent by us on a per-day rental basis. Various adventure gear that have been listed here are camping tents on rent, sleeping bags on rent, backpacks on rent, and other trekking gear.

Apart from rental charges, the renters are also required to pay a refundable security deposit.

Taking adventure gear on rent helps people save money as usually it is required only for 1-2 days trip and people go for such camping trips only once or twice in a year. It also helps you save space in the house as storing camping gear can occupy a good amount of space especially camping tents. The other advantage of renting camping gear is that the overhead of its maintenance becomes the responsibility of the owner. So it is encouraged to rent any adventure gear rather than buying it.

How it works?

Are you looking to hire a product? Look for rental products of your choice.


    1. Browse our rental categories or Search for a product.

    1. Send Enquiry for products to us by email / call (10am to 7pm – All 7 days)

    1. Obtain product details (rental and transportation charges, availability etc.)

    1. Make required payments directly to us directly and take the product

5. After rental period ends return the product directly to us and take back security the deposit (Signed Cross Bank Cheque & Original ID with Address)

Meet Our Team

Shripad Sapkal, Founder

Prajakta Ghode, Head of Operations